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Figaro’s Garden carries fertilizers, soils, amendments and other gardening supplies to support a range of growing needs.

From all-purpose organic garden soils to speciality potting blends designed for growing aroids, orchids, cacti and succulents, our custom soil blends were created in collaboration with local suppliers to meet the highest quality standards.

We offer liquid and granular fertilizers as well as select amendments to ensure your indoor and outdoor plants thrive.

Since April 2023, Figaro’s Garden has offered an improved line of fertilizers, potting soils and amendments in waste-free packaging, including compostable burlap, recycled paper, and refillable glass.


All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

This granular, balanced (4-4-4) organic fertilizer provides a long-lasting supply of nutrients, ideal for amending garden beds and containers.
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Dolomite lime raises soil pH and adds calcium and magnesium. Ideal for use on lawns and garden beds.
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Fish Bone Meal

Provides phosphorous and calcium, which aid in producing strong roots, flowers, and fruits.
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A granular fertilizer (19-5-8) that provides a slow-release supply of nutrients that encourage top growth and root development.
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Liquid Fertilizers

Organic Liquid Fertilizer with Kelp

Provides a readily available, balanced source of nutrients. Great for encouraging flowers and fruits.
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Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

An organic fish-based liquid fertilizer for seedlings, transplanting, and mature plants. Provides a readily available, balanced source of nutrients.
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Soil Amendments


Aids in filtration of toxins and absorbs excess water. Ideal for terrarium and house plant use.
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LECA Pebbles

Lightweight and porous, LECA can be used as a drainage layer or in place of soil.
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A speciality orchid substrate made from the bark of New Zealand Pine, Orchiata is ideal for moisture-loving orchids.
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Outdoor Garden Amender

Premium mulch and nutrient booster for improving outdoor soil.
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Perlite & Chunky Perlite

Perlite helps to keep soil mixes well aerated. Prevents compaction and improves drainage.
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Worm Castings

Improves soil structure and provides a rich source of organic matter.
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Potting Soils

Aroid Blend

A potting medium designed to support the health of tropical plants in the Aroid family.
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Cactus/Succulent Blend

An ideal growing medium for cacti and succulents.
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Carnivorous Blend

A specialized potting medium that supports carnivorous plant health.
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Orchid Blend

A speciality potting soil that supports tropical orchid health.
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Outdoor Potting Soil

All-purpose potting soil for containers and seed starting.
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Tropical Potting Blend

Offers an ideal all-purpose growing medium for all types of indoor tropical plants.
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Organic Garden Soil

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Whether you're an experienced horticulturist, or looking for your first plant, our team at Figaro's Garden is excited to help you realize your plant and garden dreams. Contact us today or stop by the shop to see what's in-store.

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