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Aroid Blend

A blend of Orchiata orchid bark, coconut husk and fibre, New Zealand sphagnum moss, perlite and conventional potting soil with some slow-release fertilizer. Great for many tropical members of the Aroid family (including Philodendron, Monstera, and Scindapsus) that naturally grow in the loose layer of hummus on the floor of tropical rainforests, as epiphytes or as hemiepiphytes.


Our Aroid Blend is packaged in recycled paper bags that are 60% compostable and 40% biodegradable. These bags are lined with PLA, a biodegradable, corn-based material that strengthens and improves the durability of the bag. While PLA is compostable in many jurisdictions, it is not yet accepted in Vancouver’s green bin program. Please responsibly dispose of these bags by placing them in the trash.

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