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Grow lights are often recommended when the naturally available light isn’t enough to keep indoor plants healthy, and they are almost always necessary when starting seeds indoors. Figaro’s Garden offers a range of grow light options for indoor growing and seed starting.

We carry the full line of Soltech indoor plant lights. Soltech products don’t look like typical grow lights, blending form and functionality. We love that they offer both beauty and performance.

We also carry SunBlaster LED strip lights in a variety of lengths. This full-spectrum, high-output horticultural lighting is designed to provide the ideal spectrum for seed, cuttings and plant growth. We recommend SunBlaster lights for indoor seed starting.

Not sure whether you need a grow light? We carry the Houseplant Journal LTH meter.


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Whether you're an experienced horticulturist, or looking for your first plant, our team at Figaro's Garden is excited to help you realize your plant and garden dreams. Contact us today or stop by the shop to see what's in-store.

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