Weevilution: Root Weevil Predatory Nematodes

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Weevilution is a popular root weevil-controlling predatory nematode, effective when applied when daytime soil temperatures reach 12°C (typically April-May). 

Root weevils feed on strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grapes, azalea, rhododendron, primrose and many other ornamentals. The larvae devour the roots and the adults cut notch-like holes on the edges of leaves. Damage caused by adult weevils as they feed on leaves and fruit is generally cosmetic, and serves mainly as a sign of their presence. Larvae feeding on the roots, however, can result in stunted plant growth, reddening of foliage, and the production of small, seedy fruit. In severe cases, affected plants may die, particularly during dry summer spells.

The Bug Lady's root weevil predatory nematode product contains 6 million predatory nematodes, suited for areas of approximately 130 sq. feet. Covers 10-20 medium to large shrubs or 170 12-inch pots. Note: this product does not ship. It must be picked up from Figaro's Garden.