Garden Design

You Step Into Your Garden and Nothing Feels... Right.
Spaces are overgrown, plants are not thriving or working well together, and you are just not sure where to start. You conclude that it needs a redo. Something fresh, with layers, plants that inspire and ignite the space, encouraging you to stay there all day, marked by seasonal changes through a progression of flowers and foliage. The Figaro’s Garden design service works with you to create this dream oasis.

The Process

We do a site visit to measure the space and discuss your needs. We also send out a questionnaire to further explore aesthetic/plant preferences. From there we develop a 2D, or 3D, plan and mood board representing the “feel" of the garden theme. We also include a plant palette with links to pictures and descriptions so you have a better feel for the plants. This design phase is typically about 8-10 hours of work which makes it a very affordable option at around $400-$500 per yard space. For most clients, we can fully design a front and back yard plan starting from a $800-$1000 initial investment. We can also handle more extensive designs with a larger time investment if that is what's required to make your garden dreams come true.

From there, we can do the demo/prep/installation as well. If the hardscaping work is a little more complex (concrete forms, retaining walls, large paving areas, etc.) we subcontract this out to a landscape contractor. Most of our projects are in the $5,000-10,000 range/yard range but if it requires more complex hardscaping, fencing, etc., we can provide you a comprehensive estimate to help you create the peaceful, restorative oasis you deserve.

Let's Design Your Dream Garden

Take the first step towards designing the garden you've been dreaming about. (Note: During the 2024 garden season we are on a reduced schedule and are primarily taking on City of Vancouver clients only.)
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Additional Services We Offer:

Helpful Staff: Figaro's Garden is owned and operated by Hartley Rosen with superstar shop staff Conor Preston, Elsa Gregory-Herbold, Camille Sleeman, and Fiona Combey. Our landscape team is Carly Knutson and Elsa Gregory-Herbold. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a level of personal service and expertise that is second to none relative to other garden centres.

Garden Design: A single planter or a whole garden, we can design it for you. We specialize in patio/balcony/small residential growing and refer large-scale projects to colleagues in the industry. Click here for more info.

Wish List: We understand that avid gardeners have specific rare plants that they desire. We maintain a customer wish list and actively try to source desired plants for our clientele. There is, of course, no guarantee that we can find a grower who has what you're seeking, but we'll try our best.

Gardening or Plant Care Advice: We do not promise to be able to answer every question, but we do promise to try. In the spring and summer we also have Master Gardener volunteers on hand most weekends to answer all of your gardening questions. Please ask for a schedule.

Delivery: Within the Vancouver area. Price depends on size of order and distance from the shop. Ask for details.

Workshops and Services: Whether it be a mobile blade sharpening service at Figaro's or a workshop on how to design hanging baskets, we aim to offer a variety of experiences and services that will serve your needs.

Plant or Pest Identification: Please bring a sample into the shop—in a sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination—or simply email us a picture and we will try to identify it for you. ​

Potting: Bring your baskets, pots and planters into the store and we will plant them up for you—either to your specification or perhaps you’d prefer to be surprised—for a nominal fee.

Gift Cards: In any denomination you like, available in-store or ordered over the phone.

Gift Wrapping: We will wrap any plant or gift for you for a nominal fee.

"Figaro's is the best! They designed and installed a rooftop garden for me, together with an irrigation system, and I can't get over how beautiful it is. The service is incredible--the owner has come back a number of times to check on things and teach me how to look after it. The project even came in under budget. Everyone there is super knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and I always leave with a smile on my face. Shop here!"

- Emily

Let's Design Your Dream Garden

Take the first step towards designing the garden you've been dreaming about. Contact us today!